On the Internet and in the mailbox, there are daily offers that promise and guarantee first place in Google. The cheapest option that I encountered was a top placement for a one-off fee of 49.00 euros. Such offers are peasant trapping or black hat seo, which can (can) result in a permanent lockout from the search result lists.

The annual costs for SEO measures are at least four digits. If you lure with cheap offers, you cannot deliver serious work. The optimization-related tasks become more difficult every year. And Google’s guidelines and algorithm updates do the rest.

Strategies that are advertised are mostly concepts from “times long past”. Such offers are often out of date due to several daily updates of the search engine algorithm and changing values ​​in the optimization measures. Nevertheless, the number of such offers is increasing. The fact that a company spends a lot of money on AdWords actually speaks for itself. If you are willing to pay 10 euros per click, you can calculate what these cheap offers are good for. And some keywords cost significantly more per click than just 10 euros.

But even serious companies, as shown in the picture above, are not immune to getting into the twilight through potentially questionable offers that are propagated in the in-house forum. It shows how easily one’s own name can be misused by using supposedly uncontrolled forums. Is such advertising useful for the service provider? I do not think so.