If you are looking for your page and cannot find it, you should first check whether your page is in the Google index at all. To do this, go to Google’s search view and enter ‘site: domain’ in the search slot (replace domain with your domain, for example seybold.de or with a specific page. An example can be found here . If the page is available , you can now think about how you can improve the ranking – in the best case achieve a top position (e.g. 1st place in Google).

If the page is not in the Google index, then you should check why this is the case. Usually these are crawl errors or indexing errors. You can find all the information you need in the Google Search Console (here is a Google help page on this topic). If everything is ‘correct’, it can also be due to a negative SEO attack that the page is not found. In any case, you should consult a specialist who can analyze this accordingly.