The Google Page Rank algorithm is no longer a secret, but it is constantly being adapted and changed. This means that very few people are aware of all current factors. Google takes into account over 200 factors for the ranking, some of which are more relevant than others.

The following 7 factors are the most important to influence the Google ranking itself

1. Page title: The more precise the title says, what is to be read on the page, the better. It is important that the title is at least three words long and contains the most important keywords in the correct order.

2. Content: Search engines can easily scan texts and filter out the most important and most frequently mentioned words. The more often a word / sentence appears in different places on the corresponding page, the more likely it is that this page will provide information about it. The sentence can also be rearranged or formulated similarly and the ranking will be even better.

3. Keywords in the URL: If you want the page to be found as soon as a specific word / phrase is searched, then this word / phrase must be integrated into the URL. But be careful, the URL should not be too long. Unnecessary words in the sentence can be omitted. The order of the words, i.e. how the user would search for them, is also very important here.

4. Links to the website: The more links to your website, the better. Important: the more coveted or topic-specific this page is, which links to your own website, the better for your own ranking.

5. Direct links to a specific page: In order to give special attention to a specific page from the entire website, you can also set links from other pages yourself. This is particularly recommended from the homepage, but here, too, there should be no exaggeration, i.e. a maximum of 5 links. Not to forget, the link text should also include the word / sentence in order to increase the ranking.

6. Google quality filter: In order to improve the quality of the search results, appropriate algorithms such as Google Panda or Google Penguin were used. Google Panda prevents a website from being ranked too high if it is not focused enough. Google Penguin prevents your website from being ranked too high just because a large number of links from meaningless pages or pages created specifically for linking to this website lead to your own website.

7. Mobile optimization: If a page is not mobile optimized, it automatically loses in the ranking. In addition, the page is not displayed in the «Standard Ranking» in the same place as in the «Mobile Optimized Ranking». But this is an article in itself…