In the past it was the task of the webmasters to get an internet presence at number 1 in Google (in the organic search results). In the meantime, this goal has varied – mainly because it is no longer possible to achieve it easily. Thanks to the advanced use of the search engine by alphabet , good clicks are also possible for poorly placed results, which lead to a conversion.

Using methods such as microdata (, Google Data Highlighter) additional results can appear on the search page. In the case of search results in particular, the knowledge graph strikes more and more, which already provides a user with information to such an extent that the user no longer has to leave the search results page or place 1 no longer needs to be visited.

Local SEO

The same applies to the search for sports results, hotels, flights, weather and so on. The increased use of microdata means that optimization for information pages is becoming increasingly difficult unless you are the brand owner.

Local results, such as retailers, can benefit very well from this through an optimized LocalSEO strategy, because when searching on Google, not only the keyword but also the location from which the user is surfing is included. Regardless of the user’s request, the approximate location can be determined based on the IP address and the appropriate search result is then presented.

Number 1 takes the back seat

Not only the traffic, i.e. who comes to the site, but also how they can become a customer there, is becoming much more interesting for the visitor, which is why the number 1 in Google strategy in favor of visibility management takes a back seat.