A back link is defined by a link from a website A leading to a site B. These inbound links are important for improving its presence on the Web because they positively influence the ranking of the site on search engines. A back link from a reliable, trustworthy and relevant topic web page (quality factors established by Google) counts as a recommendation for Google, which will increase the trust rating and therefore the SEO of the web page. The higher this trust value for a website, the more Google’s outgoing links will be valued. One of the most important ranking factors is a website’s backlink profile (number and quality of links) for Google and other search engines: this is a central point of SEO optimization.

Link building

The linkbuilding describes the construction of profiles targeted backlinks (links back). A successful linkbuilding strategy results from an increase in the number and quality of backlinks. The return links being exclusively external links, optimization does not take place on the web page itself but thanks to the different contacts and connections with third-party web pages. Accumulating such recommendations from external sites via backlinks is one of the most important tasks of Search Engine Optimization in Offpage (also called Off-site). It is an SEO optimization where the site is not modified per se, but rather its “environment”). Google values ​​websites that have a relevant and reliable network of backlinks in its ranking, hence the importance of linkbuilding.